A new poll indicates that most Americans have confidence that the new President will make good on promises and policies outlined during his campaign.

The survey, carried out by Morning Consult and Politico, found that up to two thirds of Americans think it ‘somewhat likely’ that Trump will accomplish at least nine out of ten key goals.

A majority of 64 percent of respondents said they think Trump can successfully repeal the Affordable Health Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, with 62 percent believing Trump can replace it.

A majority of 56 percent believe Trump will indeed pass a federal tax overhaul, while a majority of 62 percent think he can pass an infrastructure spending bill.

The major issue which Americans believe Trump will struggle to implement is his promise to build the proposed Wall on the Southern border.

Close to half, 46 percent, said that they see it as very or somewhat likely that a wall will be agreed upon this year. However, most respondents, close to three quarters, think it likely that the Trump administration will deliver on reducing the number of immigrants allowed into the United States.

“We polled voters on ten of Trump’s biggest stated priorities. For all of those agenda items except one — the border wall — a majority believe they will be accomplished in the first year,” Morning Consult Chief Research Officer and Cofounder Kyle Dropp said, adding “Those are high expectations.”

The survey also noted that more voters feel “excited” or “satisfied” about the successful implementation of the outlined 10 proposals than those who would be “disappointed” or “upset.”

The most enthusiasm was reserved for the creation of new jobs, with 42 percent saying they are “excited” to see that happen, and a further 40 percent adding they would be “satisfied.”

The findings come in the wake of news that the U.S. created 298,000 new jobs after Trump’s first full month in office, shattering expectations by a margin of over 100,000.

The poll also found that only 41 percent believe Russian meddling had any impact on the US election. 42 percent said they do not believe Russia affected the result at all.

Fifty-six percent support appointing a special prosecutor to investigate alleged ties between Trump staff and the Russian government. However, most who advocate such a move are Democratic supporters, while Republicans and Independents are less supportive.

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