A survey conducted by College Fix recently has found that a majority of conservative students say they will ‘self censor’ around others so as not to offend or upset leftists.

“With the current political climate, do you expect to self-censor yourself in class this semester so your professors or peers don’t take offense at your ideas?” the survey asked.

A total of 54 percent of conservatives said they would indeed keep their political views to themselves for this reason.

On the flip side, only 15% of those who identified as Democrats said they would temper their political opinions so as not to cause friction.

As College Fix notes, this means that “Republican college students are three times more likely to self-censor than Democratic ones”:

The College Fix

The survey also found that ten percent more white students are likely to self censor than black or latino students:

The College Fix

Responding to the findings, Nicole Neily, president of student civil liberties advocate group Speech First, said it is worrying that “The window of acceptable discourse on modern college campuses is very narrow — and has moved increasingly far to the left.”

“Students also credibly fear their peers, who are increasingly intolerant of differing viewpoints,” Neily continued, adding that “Rather than leverage the tools of discussion, debate and persuasion, students now seem inclined to strong-arm their peers into compliance through cancelling and doxxing — allegations that last forever on the internet, and have the very real possibility of ruining someone’s future professional opportunities.”

Conservative student advocacy groupYoung America’s Foundation spokesperson Spencer Brown added that the findings highlight how ‘wokeness’ is squashing freedom of expression on campuses.

“The resulting institutional reality is one where trigger warnings and speech codes take precedence over the Constitution, where students are taught to say ‘ouch’ when they hear something they disagree with, and where—confusingly—both speech deemed unpopular and silence deemed inappropriate are treated as physical violence,” Brown urged.

“Speaking up to question presuppositions or even just engaging in healthy discussion can bring lasting consequences,” Brown asserted, adding “This reality is antithetical to the practice of higher learning, and it means fewer and fewer students are willing to speak up.”

A survey conducted last year found that almost three quarters of conservative students say they are withholding their political views both in class and from their written work for fear that they will be downgraded by leftist professors.

The trend of taking away First amendment rights of conservatives on campuses has been ongoing for years now, with prominent figures on the right being shouted down and cancelled at Universities nationwide.

The idea of free speech and freedom of expression has become so warped on campuses that leftist college students believe it’s their ‘right’ to deny others their First Amendment.

Students who have publicly professed conservative opinions have been subjected to investigation and punishment by professors and college officials.

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