Millennials are far more likely than their older counterparts to hold the disproven belief that vaccines can cause autism, according to a new poll.

Twenty-one percent of those polled under 30 say that vaccinations can cause autism, a new YouGov poll reports, compared to only three percent of those over 65.

Young people are also the only adult age cohort that says they’d prefer parents to make the decision on vaccinating children.

43 percent say parents should be able to decide whether to vaccinate their kids for childhood diseases, compared to 42 percent in favor of requiring the vaccines.

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Watch: An update to two reports filed earlier this month. The flu vaccine has claimed another child and the Disneyland measles outbreak is being blamed on the unvaccinated but the system cannot explain away fully vaccinated people coming down with and even spreading the flu. The vaccine hoax is starting fail. Infowars reporter Rob Dew covers this and looks at European studies that our CDC refuses to conduct as it runs cover for big pharma.

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