With just nine days to go until Election Day, Republicans’ national lead appears to be crystallizing, with voters still preferring a GOP-led Congress and viewing Republican campaigns significantly less negatively than those of Democrats.

According to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Annenberg poll, a majority of likely voters – 52 percent – say they would like to see Capitol Hill controlled by Republicans, compared to 41 percent who favor the president’s party. (For registered voters, it’s 46 percent GOP and 42 percent Democrat-controlled.)

While neither party can boast stellar approval ratings, those surveyed gave Republicans better marks when asked whether what they’ve heard, seen or read in the past few weeks has made them feel more or less favorable towards either party.

Among likely voters, 25 percent said they’re feeling better about the Democratic Party, compared to 53 percent who are feeling worse — a net negative of 28 points.

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