Nearly 1/3 of GOP voters said they were now more likely to support Donald Trump after he was condemned by Mitt Romney, according to a new poll.

Thirty-one percent of GOP voters said Romney speaking out against Trump last week propelled them to support the GOP frontrunner, which is the complete opposite of what Romney intended.

The Morning Consult poll also found that 30% of those who voted for Romney in 2012 were also , 20% were less likely and 48% said the Romney speech denouncing Trump didn’t affect their decision either way.

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Even more damning, only 5% of Trump supporters said there were less likely to back the GOP frontrunner based on what Romney said.

In other words, Romney’s condemnation of Trump was effectively an endorsement.

As we’ve pointed out last week, every time the mainstream media, Barack Obama, Pope Francis, the Chinese government, the Clintons, Vicente Fox, Miley Cyrus, Marco Rubio, etc. attack Trump, his popularity surges, so it’s expected that Romney’s disapproval would only help the maverick candidate.

“The Romney who refused to defend himself against Democrat attacks because he wanted to take the ‘high’ road?” One voter commented on a CBS article. “The same guy who refused to attack Obama while running against him is now concerned and needs to smear another member of his own party?”

“Go f*ck yourself you hypocrite!”

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