The State Column
Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The latest Rasmussen poll shows Texas congressman Ron Paul in fourth place, trailing Texas governor Rick Perry and Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

Mr. Perry is the first choice for 29 percent in the August 31 Rasmussen telephone survey of 862 voters likely to participate in the Iowa GOP Caucus. Ms. Bachmann and Mr. Romney are tied with 18 percent support. Mr. Paul received 14 percent of the vote, while the rest of the Republican field received less than 5 percent.

The poll is the latest to show growing support for Mr. Paul, who has said he will focus his campaign resources in Iowa. The Texas Republican has spent much of the summer slamming the media, calling for coverage of his campaign after a second-place finish in the Ames Republican Presidential Straw Poll.

Speaking Monday in a Republican presidential debate hosted by South Carolina U.S. Senator Jim DeMint, Mr. Paul said his campaign is the only one fully committed to promoting conservative principles.

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