More Americans agree with George Washington than Barack Obama

Kurt Nimmo
December 4, 2013

Corporate polls are often manipulated and the result dubious. But a recent Pew Research Center poll is a no-brainer.

A majority of Americans are sick and tired of globalist wars of conquest and think the government should mind its own business.

“Currently, 52% say the United States ‘should mind its own business internationally and let other countries get along the best they can on their own.’ Just 38% disagree with the statement. This is the most lopsided balance in favor of the U.S. ‘minding its own business’ in the nearly 50-year history of the measure,” Pew explains.

This reluctance to invade small countries is usually dismissed by the establishment as isolationism. But the poll results cast doubt on this explanation.

“Yet this reticence is not an expression of across-the-board isolationism,” Pew continues. “Even as doubts grow about the United States’ geopolitical role, most Americans say the benefits from U.S. participation in the global economy outweigh the risks. And support for closer trade and business ties with other nations stands at its highest point in more than a decade.”

The idea that America should disentangle itself from foreign adventures and instead concentrate on trade harks back to the founding principles of the nation. Thomas Jefferson and the founders considered “free trade in all parts of the world” as a natural right.

George Washington, in his famous Farewell Address in 1796, stressed that the commercial policy of the nation “should hold an equal and impartial hand” and should not seek or grant exclusive favors or preference. “A people,” he wrote, “who are possessed of the spirit of commerce, who see and who will pursue their advantages may achieve almost anything.”

Results of the poll reveal that most Americans oppose modern mercantilism and crony capitalism with its government enforced market monopolization, corporate subsidies, manipulation of monetary policy, political cronyism and endless wars to enforce market and territorial domination.

Despite the weariness of the American people and their distaste for war and the inequities of globalist skewed international trade, the establishment will undoubtedly continue to push its stale precepts, most notably “American exceptionalism” and the idea that America is the one “indispensable nation.” It will also continue to portray globalist trade policy dominated by bankers and transnational corporations as free trade when in fact it is the opposite.

Editor’s note: The globalist outfit, CFR, just down the street from Hillary Clinton when she needed it, has put its spin on the poll. “Americans are ambivalent about global involvement, not opposed to it. So the most successful candidate will likely be the one whose own mixed message taps both isolationist and internationalist sentiments,” the CFR concludes.

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