Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore still leads Democrat opponent Doug Jones by six points in a recent poll, despite allegations of sexual misconduct looming over the Republican lawmaker.

A Fox 10 News/Strategy Research poll released Tuesday by Fox affiliate WALA shows Moore ahead 49 percent to Jones’ 43 percent, however it’s a 3-point decrease from a previous poll taken on October 23, before allegations surfaced claiming a history of Moore sexual abuse.

An analyst told Fox 10 the shift in poll numbers leaves the race wide open for independent voters to decide the December 12 election’s outcome.

“When we polled back in October, Roy Moore was at 52 to 41,” said Strategy Research spokesman Jon Gray. “He had an 11-point advantage. When we polled last night 3,000 voters in Alabama, we’re looking at that lead changing. He’s essentially lost three points. Doug Jones has picked up two points. And you see down here, we moved one point to the undecideds. That’s a big deal because now the undecideds are going to come in. This 49 number, Bob — that’s big because he’s not over 50 percent, which means we’re still open.”

Interestingly, 35 percent of poll respondents indicated news reports concerning Moore’s sexual misconduct, most notably led by The Washington Post, actually increased their support for the former supreme court chief justice, while 11 percent said they made it less likely they would vote for him. 18 percent claimed they were unfazed by the allegations.

Among undecided voters:

• 6%  said the allegations made them MORE likely to vote for Roy Moore.
• 44%  said the allegations made them LESS likely to vote for Roy Moore.
• 51%  said they were undecided or that the allegations made no difference in their vote.

Conversely an NRSC poll shows Jones leading Moore by 12 points, as reported by Politico.

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