Kurt Nimmo
November 14, 2010


It looks like the government’s decision to force children through dangerous naked body scanners and molest millions of travelers who “opt-out” of the scan in deference to genitalia-groping patdowns will have a direct impact on the airlines this holiday season.

“With the busiest holiday travel season nearing, fliers face long security lines and new rigorous patdown checks aimed at discovering hidden explosives,” reports Reuters. “As a result, some travelers are questioning whether to fly at all,” especially if they have children.

If this keeps up, the big corporate and unionized airlines will be looking at a drastic reduction in business. It may even lead to congressional hearings.

Reuters has posted a poll online asking if the porno-scanners and fondling have affected your decision to fly. As of 7:30 PM CST, 97% respondents said the increased Gestapo-like behavior at airports around the country has people thinking about alternate travel plans in order to avoid intrusive security scans and patdowns.

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“I accept the need to make a plane secure to fly, but I do not accept my God given rights being abused. I do not accept having my body exposed to dangerous radiation. I do not accept going through a virtual strip. I do not accept being thoroughly groped and squeezed,” said Mike from the UK in the article comments. ‘I urge anyone who values their rights and freedom to discontinue flying.”

Thanks to coverage by The Drudge Report, Infowars.com, and Prison Planet.com, the corporate media is now obliged to seriously cover this story.

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Keep up the pressure. If enough people refuse to accept airport Gestapo zones and the airlines begin to go bankrupt, the government will back off — or face another bailout like the one bestowed on Government Motors.

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