Kurt Nimmo
September 8, 2011

It’s embarrassing for the establishment. They keep holding these “debates” and Ron Paul keeps winning. The corporate media keeps posting polls and Ron Paul keeps winning. And yet we are told he can’t possibly win the nomination.

Following the dog and pony show at the Ronnie Reagan library last night, the “NBC News Political Unit” posted a poll on their website asking who won.

Ron Paul is the winner with 48 percent of nearly 100,000 votes (as of 7 AM CST). Mitt the Democrat who wants you to think he is a Republican came in a distant second at a mere 18 percent. Michele Bachmann, the Tea Party decoy came in with a pathetic 2.4 percent of the votes. Rick Santorum barely registered at 1.1%.

Polls are irrelevant to “pundits” who love the state, though. For instance, over at the “conservative” website Newsmax, Ron Paul is considered the loser “because he’s just so out of it” and because he dissed Ronnie at his very own shrine-library. Paul dared speak the truth – Ronnie talked the talk, but when the rubber met the pavement he turned out to be just another tax-and-spender, or rather borrow-and-spender.

The Washington Post didn’t even mention Ron Paul when it talked about winners and losers. Rick Santorum, John Huntsman and the veteran globalist insider Newt Gingrich warranted more coverage, even though they obviously are not considered serious candidates by the American people, or those who are not yet completely disenchanted with politics and still pay attention.

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USA Today and the rest of the corporate media ignored Paul as much as possible. They spent a lot of time discussing “job creation” and the exchange between the statist from Texas and the one from Massachusetts, both who actually think (or their wranglers do) that government can create jobs.

Perry attacked Social Security – in order to maintain his fake Tea Party stance – and Romney attacked Perry for daring to criticize the retirement fund at gunpoint program. Both “front-runners” spent most of the night worshipping the state.

Although the NBC poll showed Perry coming in a dismal third, the Los Angeles Times declared him the “the presumptive GOP front-runner” and said Paul and the other candidates “often seemed like extras, visible but silent much of the time.”

Ron Paul was “silent” because he was not asked questions by NBC news anchor Brian Williams and Politico editor John Harris. Ron Paul won the debate, “even though you gave him almost zero time to speak, and gave him questions designed to make him look like an idiot when you did,” a comment on the NBC poll page notes.

Mother Jones – the fount for “progressives” – declared the debate a toss-up between “Governor Goodhair” and the establishment Tea Party diva Michele Bachmann. They didn’t mention Paul, either, even though anti-war Democrats would do well to back Paul, the only candidate who does not support attacking small countries and militarily occupying them.

The “debate” was held in order to give the impression that the two front-runners are slugging it out and the others are merely stage props.

Millions of Americans are coming around to Ron Paul and his message. It is up to the establishment media to ignore him and get people thinking about Rick Perry and Mitt Romney who will if elected continue the charade of endless wars and a bankster dominated economy.

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