While the corporate media is busy promoting polls claiming Donald Trump will enter the Oval Office with a low approval rating, a recent Rasmussen Reports survey finds more than half the country is supportive of the president-elect.

“The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 52% of Likely U.S. Voters share a favorable opinion of Trump, with 30% who have a Very Favorable one,” the polling agency reported Thursday, one day ahead of the 2017 inauguration.

Rasmussen’s survey results starkly contrast polls hyped by the mainstream media earlier in the week in the run-up to the inauguration, claiming Trump would enter office with a historically low approval rating.

On Tuesday, multiple liberal media outlets trumpeted CNN/ORC and ABC News/Washington Post poll results which claimed Trump was the most unpopular president in the last 40 years.

“In both the CNN/ORC and ABC News/Washington Post polls, majorities of Americans view Trump unfavorably — and also disapprove of the way in which Trump has built his incoming administration,” Politico wrote.

However, a follow-up breakdown by the website Zero Hedge showed how both of those polls were manipulated and aggressively “oversampled” in order to achieve desired outcomes.

“The ABC/Wapo poll showed an 8-point sampling margin for Democrats with only 23% of the results taken from Republicans,” reports Zero Hedge.


The “CNN poll showed a similar 8-point advantage for Democrats with only 24% of respondents identifying as Republicans.”

Even the president-elect himself felt compelled to address the inaccuracies represented in the polls.

Of course, as recent history has shown, it’s incredibly naïve to trust the results of polls commissioned by the liberal left establishment.

“In fact, just 16 days prior to the election a ABC/Wapo poll showed a 12-point lead for Hillary, a result that obviously turned out to be embarrassingly wrong for the pollsters,” Zero Hedge writes.

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