Two polls released this week suggest that President Trump’s base, which formed the bedrock of his 2016 victory, is drifting away from him as some of his top campaign promises remain unfulfilled.

A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll published Tuesday found that so-called “Trump counties” — battleground counties that helped swing the election his way — now are giving Trump disapproval ratings of around 50 percent.

According to the Journal:

The survey included 800 adults in counties where Mr. Trump either outperformed 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney by at least 20 percentage points or flipped a county that had favored Democrat Barack Obama in the prior election.

Meanwhile, a CNN poll released Monday shows that Trump has seen significant erosion among non-college educated white voters — a key part of his base. After 100 days in office, the poll gave him a 59 percent approval rating among those voters; now it is at just 46 percent. However, he has also seen a slight uptick in approval from college-educated white voters, where his approval has gone up from 38 percent to 42 percent.

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