Pope Francis called for a ban on “all weapons” Sunday in a tweet to his nearly 18 million followers.

The leader of the Catholic Church suggested that only the total abolition of all weaponry could lead to world peace.

“Do we really want peace? Then let’s ban all weapons so we don’t have to live in fear of war,” the Pope said.

The comment immediately drew criticism online, with many calling on the Jesuit Pope to lead by example.

“Devout Catholic here, but honest question, if the Pope really wants this, will he lead by example and order the Vatican security to lay down their arms?” one Twitter user asked.

Others, noting the obtuseness of the commentary, asked why Francis wanted to disarm the law-abiding citizenry of the free world.

“I’m trying so hard not to be sarcastic… This is fine in a world where people are perfect in their intentions & actions,” another Twitter user remarked. “However, this is not the world we live in. To completely ban weapons is to leave good people unarmed & to further arm & empower the unlawful.”

One Twitter user even referenced the bible itself to point out the absurdity of the Pope’s remark.

“Man is fallen and full of sin. Cain will kill Abel as long as there are rocks,” the user said.

While previous pope’s have called for a ban on nuclear weapons, Francis is the first to denounce all weapons entirely.

Despite the total impracticability of the proposal, the current Pope’s remark is perhaps unsurprising given his track record.

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