Pope Francis, under pressure by the Vatican health authorities, finally submitted to a swab for the COVID-19 test that was returned a couple of hours ago resulting officially in a negative reading, and he is not affected by the novel coronavirus. Should we believe them? Strange things are going on in the Vatican as we speak. Pope Francis’ present sickness was described today by the Holy See as “just a slight indisposition”and the focus of the Italian media has suddenly moved on to Pope Benedict the Pope Emeritus. Ratzinger has been forced by the Papal Household to interrupt receiving all visitors due to the threat of COVID-19.  The old pope, who is in his 90s, was already living like a prisoner since he moved back from Castel Gandolfo, and now he will be in complete isolation because of the growing fear of contracting COVID-19.

The Vatican is said to be on lockdown at the moment with several priests and senior Vatican officials in quarantine in the Vatican City State, who are worried because of the old age of most of its citizens. There is an unprecedented sense of panic in the air with almost no visitors in site, even at the Vatican Museums. The whole area was described by the local media as desolate, empty, and even a bit spooky, missing the usual long lines of tourists that one would normally find in St. Peters Square, often surrounded by vendors and homeless people positioned at the beginning of Via Della Conciliazione.

Since last week, the Vatican has implemented special health measures and canceled most public events as more than 2000 people have tested positive for coronavirus as of today in Italy, that has reached 52 deaths, and has one of the worse outbreaks of the novel coronavirus in the world because of the often reckless and undisciplined behavior of Italians against this dangerous invisible enemy.

The Vatican and even Borgo Santo Spirito, the headquarters of the Jesuits, are in complete lockdown this evening.

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