As part of President Trump’s visit to the Vatican, Pope Francis gave the President his encyclical on climate change.

When they met at the Vatican, the Pope gave President Trump his encyclical on climate change where he pontificates on global warming.  Climate science, politics and economics are not issues the Pope was chosen to speak on — he has no authority or expertise in these matters.  He chose advisors, like Schellnhuber, to write the encyclical who present themselves as authorities.  In addition to the junk science of man made climate change, these advisors push depopulation of the earth, feudalism masked as socialism and even a pagan pseudo religion that worships a sentient, cognizant earth they call Gaia.

Handing the globalist encyclical to President Trump was as much a slap in the face as if President Trump had handed the Pope Martin Luther’s “95 Theses” which started the Reformation.  President Trump, however, was gracious, handing the Pope 5 books written by Martin Luther — King and saying he’d read the encyclical. Don’t bother.  David Knight breaks down the radicals and the radical agenda in the video above.

The Pope’s encyclical claims to advocate for the poor, yet the poor will be the most severely affected by the loss of cheap energy — losing both quality of life and life expectancy. His advisor Schellnhuber has worked with Prince Charles to create “The Earth League”, pushing an “Earth Constitution”, “Global Council”, and “Planetary Court”.  They may call for carbon taxes, but the taxes bear more than a striking resemblance to the indulgences that triggered the political and economic support of the Reformation, a revolt from the rising merchant class who were required to pay the Vatican to be allowed to work on holy days (or holidays) that were rapidly proliferating.

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