The incident involving a little girl who “broke” through Pope Francis’ security to “ask” him to promote amnesty was a staged event orchestrated by illegal immigrant activists who used the girl as a propaganda tool.

As the story goes, little Sophie Cruz slipped past security to approach the Popemobile to not only give the pope the t-shirt but to also deliver him a handwritten letter which advocates amnesty for illegals.

“All [illegal] immigrants just like my dad help feed this country,” the note read. “They deserve an immigration reform.”

The t-shirt Cruz gave the pontiff read: “Pope: rescue DAPA [Deferred Action for Parents of Americans], so the legalization would be your blessing.”

Although the story sounds heartwarming, it was actually a staged PR stunt to promote amnesty, and Cruz’s parents are illegal alien activists pushing DAPA, a proposed ‘open borders’ policy which would prevent the deportation of ‘anchor baby’ parents.

And the girl was also wearing a traditional embroidered dress when she approached the pontiff, which has prompted speculation that her parents had her wear it to help push their agenda.

Additionally, Vatican insider Leo Zagami revealed the pope’s bald-headed bodyguard who lifted Cruz up to the pontiff is a member of the Knights of Malta, the chivalrous order that exercises deep influence over global events.

“The stunt has been organized by the immigration advocacy group Hermandad Mexicana Transnacional, in Los Angeles,” the Daily Mail reported. “Alicia Flores, executive director of La Hermandad, chose Sophie to approach the pope after a young girl was able to approach the pope in Rome in a similar incident, reported the Washington Post.”

“She and her family were flown out to Washington as part of a group of six children and 19 adults, with the hope of delivering their message on immigration.”

In other words, little Cruz wouldn’t have approached the pope on her own accord without coaching by amnesty activists.

Interestingly, when the Daily Mail reported the story, commenters overwhelmingly pointed out that the incident was staged.

“So tired of adults using and manipulating children to push their own agenda,” a commenter named Quiz11 wrote.

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