Pope Francis, the most politically correct pontiff in history, has admitted the tidal wave of illegal migrants entering Europe amounts to an invasion.

“Today, we can speak of an Arab invasion,” the pope said. “It is a social fact.”

He then dismissed the invasion, saying that Europe has weathered previous invasions and survived. If handled correctly, he added, the continent will survive and “cultural exchange can help it grow,” the Daily Caller reported on Saturday.

“It has always been able to overcome them, moving forward and finding itself better through the exchange between cultures,” he added.

Francis also said political opposition to unchecked migration is unhealthy. “Ideologies are the poison of politics. You have the right be right or left. But ideology takes away freedom,” he said.

Crime and Deviant Social Behvaior

The freedom extended to Arab and North African immigrants has resulted in an unprecedented crime wave and deviant social behavior in Germany and other European countries.

In October, as the migration wave picked up momentum, police in Berlin reported a dozen Arab clans now control the city’s criminal underworld. A police report states foreign criminals are robbing banks, stealing from department stores, and dealing drugs. Additionally, foreign criminals are engaging in rapes, sexual and physical assaults, stabbings, and home invasions. Due to strict gun laws in Germany and elsewhere in Europe, most citizens are unable to protect themselves.

Police patrols are not only ineffective in migrant neighborhoods, but dangerous. “In Berlin or in the north of Duisburg there are neighborhoods where colleagues hardly dare to stop a car—because they know that they’ll be surrounded by 40 or 50 men,” said the President of the German Police Union.

In Germany migrant criminals taunted police by posting pictures of stolen goods, including laptop computers and cameras, on social media. Because many of the offenders are minors they are released under German law and free to continue their predatory victimization of citizens.

Statistics released by the Federal Criminal Police in Germany report the number of crimes committed by migrants has increased significantly since the influx of so-called refugees.

Migrant “cultural exchanges” include Arab men masturbating in public jacuzzis, urinating in child training pools, and defecating in showers. The incidents are serious enough to prompt authorities to post signs instructing people to avoid such grotesque behavior.

Instead of cracking down on migrant males who taunt, harass and often rape European women, school officials in Germany have instructed girls to  cover up their arms and legs and stop wearing “revealing clothes.”

This is the sort of cultural tolerance and accommodation Pope Francis has urged Europeans to adopt. The pontiff did not elaborate on the violence, criminality and disgusting behavior of migrants. Doing so may be considered ideological and a poison that “takes away freedom.”

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