In their war against humanity, global elites have proven that they will support almost any idea — no matter how kooky — that can be said to help save the planet from the “cancer” that is humanity.

Among recent ideas that have come about is a scheme to reduce our meat intake (because eating hamburgers is bad for the planet, supposedly) by switching over to an insect-based diet. A 2018 study by German and Swiss scientists made it sound really appetizing.

“The rising interest in entomophagy (i.e., insect consumption by humans) results not only from the increased attention paid to anthropogenic climate change but also from recent advances in agricultural technology and food safety, which make insects a viable option for industrial and private production.”

But taking our meat away and forcing us to eat bugs isn’t the only way in which globalists hope to change our dietary habits. In addition to substituting hot dogs with houseflies, there’s another source of protein that climate hysterics want us to consider: each other.

In an article published by Newsweek in August, psychologists Jared Piazza and Neil McLatchie pondered humanity’s taboo against cannibalism. The two psychologists argue that, since many other members of the animal kingdom engage in the practice, humans could do it, too.

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