To diagnose cancer, doctors use a bunch of complex examinations like an MRI, a CT scan, a biopsy or a lengthy blood test. Because of the sophisticated machines and equipment needed for these techniques and procedures, they are only conducted at the hospital setting. One startup is about to change this with its portable cancer-detecting device.

Korea Herald featured local medtech startup BBB Monday and shed light about the budding company’s diagnostic device that is designed to examine blood and detect cancer markers. BBB is making this device portable, so consumers could use them on their own and within the confines of their home.

The device, named MarkB, is equipped with sensors that examine a droplet of blood and look for the presence of cancer signals. Once the process is done, the device presents the result to the user and records a copy of it for safekeeping. Data generated from tests are then forwarded to doctors for monitoring.

However, BBB is not positioning the portable device as a diagnostic tool. The startup is instead grooming the device to be a prognostic tool. This means MarkB will be intended for use by post-surgery cancer patients who need frequent checkups every three to six months.

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