Video out of Portland, Oregon, shows a Black Lives Matter activist carrying around a baby as a human shield during a heated protest with police over the weekend.

The video shows the protester carrying the infant in front of her and walking him along in front of nearby riot police guarding the Federal Courthouse as accomplices were recording with their phones, presumably hoping to catch a violent altercation involving the child.

Users on social media noted using a child as a human shield comes right out of terrorist playbooks, such as Hamas, who used children as human shields when trying to breach Israel’s border.

Portland has been embroiled in BLM riots and protests against “systemic racism” and “police brutality” for over 45 days with no signs of letting up.

Portland police condemned the violent Marxist BLM movement last week.

“As riots continue, it is obvious to everyone that this is no longer about George Floyd, social justice, or police reform,” said Officer Daryl Turner, President of the Portland Police Association, in a statement. “This is about a group of individuals intent on causing injury, chaos and destruction by rioting, looting, starting fires, throwing rocks, bottles, mortars, urine, and feces at peaceful protestors, as well as the police.”

But Portland’s Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler claims the police are to blame for the violence and chaos.

Savanah Hernandez joins Alex Jones and Owen Shroyer to break down her recent attack at the hands of a BLM mob while peacefully protesting.

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