Black Lives Matter supporters in Portland beat a man who had just crashed his truck unconscious with a vicious blow to the head last night after the man tried to protect someone who was being robbed.

The first clip shows the man’s wife being assaulted before he drives away with BLM agitators attacking his vehicle.

In his panic to get away, the man crashed his truck, something which the rioters found funny as they continued to pursue him.

The man is surrounded by the mob, assaulted and then made to sit on the floor. He even asks permission to take a phone call from his wife.

One of the rioters subsequently runs up and kicks the man in the head, immediately knocking him out.

One rioter yelled at the man to get his “bitch ass up” even as he lay unconscious bleeding from his head.

Even as the man was being examined by a medic, rioters still felt the need to express support for Black Lives Matter, as if claiming his beating as a victory.

When police arrived to tow the crashed vehicle away, rioters accused them of protecting a “white supremacist.”

Rioters accused the man of “trying to run people over,” but there was no evidence of this.

Portland is now approaching 90 days of continuous rioting with scenes like this playing out every night.

Democrats have either remained silent on the issue or tacitly support the mayhem.


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