There are times when a person regrets being proven right, as I was on Wednesday, December 2. My letter to the Citizens’ Voice began:

Barack Obama seeks to import 10,000 “refugees” from Syria even though they cannot be screened effectively for terrorist backgrounds. That means hundreds of school and workplace shootings (in which case Obama and Joe Sestak will doubtlessly call for more gun control laws), Boston Marathon bombings, and 9/11s.

One of the San Bernardino shooters, Tashfeen Malik, passed the Department of Homeland Security screening that the Glorious Leader assures us will keep terrorists out of the country, as shown by this video hosted at  Now welcome to reality.

Malik, who pledged allegiance to ISIS, entered the U.S., where she helped radicalize Syed Farook.  California’s extremely strict gun control laws did nothing to stop these individuals from acquiring firearms and then modifying one for fully automatic fire – i.e., as a machine gun.  Federal laws against private manufacture and possession of destructive devices such as IEDs did not stop them from laying a deadly trap for first responders, and of course laws against murder did not stop them from making a headline.

France has even stricter gun laws – a permit is necessary to buy even a World War I vintage bolt-action rifle.  These laws did nothing to stop terrorists from first obtaining weapons from illegal suppliers, and then using those weapons to perpetrate a massacre.  The Obama Democrats including Hillary Clinton, Dianne Feinstein, and Nancy Pelosi nonetheless jumped on the Islamist massacre in San Bernardino like buzzards on a fresh corpse to agitate for more gun control laws, just as a medicine show quack insists that the snake oil you bought from him doesn’t work because you didn’t buy enough.

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