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Democrats Attempt to Shut Down DC Ahead of Million MAGA March – Livestream
November 13th 2020, 10:05 am
Stop The Steal Caravan Arrives in Washington DC!
Resistance is victory!
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Tune in NOW for this historic event in American history. It’s time to support our republic. Resistance is victory!

Infowars’ Stop The Steal Caravan is now in Washington DC! Watch the livestream below:

Watch highlights of the caravan below:

Owen Shroyer and the Stop The Steal caravan are headed for Raleigh, North Carolina.

Owen Shroyer was in Columbia, South Carolina, with the Stop The Steal Caravan to rally on Thursday morning to support President Trump and break down the election fraud scandal rocking the nation. Tune in!

Owen Shroyer brought the Stop The Steal Caravan to Atlanta, Georgia and continues its journey to DC with more Democrat fraud being uncovered in Pennsylvania.

Tallahassee, Florida livestream:

Patriots showed their love and support for Infowars.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana livestream:

Now is the time for you to stop being a mere spectator. Now is the time for you to be an active participant in the restoration of the republic, peacefully and lawfully.

President Trump needs your help.

He needs to see your strength in person that will in turn give him strength to fight this attempted coup against the United States of America by multinational forces who are trying to bring it down from within.

Make no mistake, the time to stand up is now.

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