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Alex Jones to Announce $10,000 Winner — Check Out All The Entries!
August 4th 2021, 1:09 pm
One lucky winner with the funniest video, to be chosen by Alex Jones, will receive a $10,000 Grand Prize.
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The Infowars “Covid-19 Murdering Logic” contest has officially wrapped up and we will soon be announcing a $10,000 Grand Prize winner!

The goal of the contest was to point out the inconsistencies of the pro-jab propaganda by lampooning the establishment’s tortured logic.

Here are all the great entries!

• AJwasRight


Logic in 2021. Visit for more truth!! ##covid19murderinglogic #infowars ##liberals ##republicans ##biden ##virtuesignaling

♬ original sound – AJwasRight

• RegfromAlaska

• Curt Knight

• Gabriel Rossi

• Gabriel Rossi #2

• Patches O’Malley

• Ryan Meade

• Simon Alfrey

• fishybusinessbook

• Chris Boudreau

• Nick Jensen – Entry #1

Entry #2

• NJEG Media


Carrie meets Karen. Infowars contest entry. Alex Jones was right.

♬ original sound – music.newyork

See this entry on Twitter

• @publicenemy1999 – Entry #1

@publicenemy1999 MARINA ABRAMOVIC OFFERED ME THE COVID 19 “VACCINE” AND IT WAS HIDEOUS! #Vaccine #Covid19 #MarinaAbramovic #SpiritCooking #Satan

♬ original sound – PublicEnemy1999

Entry #2


I WAS HAVING DINNER WHEN A BLM ACTIVIST OFFERED ME A “VACCINE” AND IT WAS HIDEOUS! #BlackLivesMatter #GeorgeSoros #5G #Violence #burningandlooting

♬ original sound – PublicEnemy1999

• kick in the eye

• Hotopixcanada

• Samuel Edmondson / bigswerve615


♬ original sound – Sambo

• Cotton Schwab

• Steven Cleary

• Molon Labe Truth

• Gary Mogel Jr

• slave2liberty

• Justin Travis

• Bradford Heene

• Steve Bates

• Stephen Spivy

• DeepStateSatire

• trustthemedia / markcucksberg


♬ original sound – trustthemedia

• Lela Black Madfis

• Kassie West

• LaehcaRae

• Washumba Music

• Meekookin Jonny

• NJ Motorsports

• SuzNews

• UnWir3D RoBot

• Erwins Real News

• Jen Henderson

• ChilisDinner


Social responsibility #memes #funnyvideo #viral #foryoupage #news #meme

♬ original sound – ChilisDinner

• Ant4420

• StringAnime

• Luis Hernandez

• Patrick Kehoe

• Thomas Sisca

• Karablawrence



♬ original sound – karablawrence

• Robert Drlicka

• Jamel Boukabou

• lov3pr3vails

• doesntmatternobodyknows


In the morgue

♬ original sound – DoesntMatterNobodyKnows

• Paul Strigini

• Andrew Roscoe

• Scott Spidle

• Larry Sparano

• Winston Smith

• WiiAreMany

Watch at:

• a_ware

• TheCerebralCure

• Redpill Rod

• Christian Montelango


• Brandon Miller

• Dave Kelman

• InfowarSchool / Shaun Almeida

• Tony lopez / Fullyanimated

Thanks to everyone who participated in this contest and helped make it a great success!

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