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Australian Chief Minister: “If You’re Anti-Mandate, You’re Absolutely Anti-Vax”

by Kelen McBreen
November 22nd 2021, 1:12 pm
Even vaccinated Australians who support freedom of choice are being labeled anti-vaccine
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A Chief Minister in Australia’s Northern Territory boldly claimed any individual who supports freedom of choice when it comes to Covid shots is “anti-vaccine.”

During a Monday press conference, NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner also criticized citizens who have personally been vaccinated but support those who don’t want to take the jab.

A reporter asked Gunner, “Do you think at all that your rhetoric around calling people anti-vaxxers, some of whom were vaccinated, has had an impact at all on vaccine take-up in parts of the territory?”

“No,” the politician answered. “If you are anti-mandate, you are absolutely anti-vax. I don’t care what your personal vaccination status is. If you support, champion, give a green light, give comfort to, support anybody who argues against the vaccine, you are an anti-vaxxer. Absolutely.”

Gunner continued, “Your personal vaccination status is utterly irrelevant. If you campaign against the mandate, if you campaign against people being vaccinated in vulnerable settings, teachers in classrooms…”

Next, the Australian politician expressed his disbelief that many people wanted unvaccinated teachers to teach children in a remote community classroom with kids who aren’t eligible for the experimental jabs.

“I rejected that utterly,” he said. “I still reject it, and if you’re out there in any way, shape or form campaigning against this mandate, you’re absolutely anti-vax.”

According to Gunner, the vaccine is especially crucial in protecting Aboriginal lives.

“Anyone out there who comes for the mandate, you are anti-vax,” he concluded.

This sentiment aligns with Merriam-Webster Dictionary adding “a person who opposes regulations mandating vaccination,” to their definition of an “anti-vaxxer” back in 2018.

Gunner is also going viral Monday for admitting the Army is transporting Covid-positive and close contact individuals to quarantine camps.

In this interview, Steve Kirsch, executive director of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund, reviews some of the COVID jab data he’s presented to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention during various meetings.

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