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Australian MP: ‘Life For the Unvaccinated Will Be Very Difficult INDEFINITELY’

by Jamie White
September 29th 2021, 3:12 pm
It was never about choice or public health.
Image Credit:
screenshot/7News Australia
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Australian MP Gladys Berejiklian warned that life for unvaccinated citizens will continue to be “very difficult” well after the government lifts its restrictive COVID lockdowns.

Berejiklian, the New South Wales premier, made the draconian proclamation in a Monday interview on 7News Australia’s “Sunrise” talk show when announcing the lifting of lockdowns on December 1.

“A lot of organizations already have mandatory vaccine policies in place,” Berejiklian said. “And even though the government is saying unvaccinated people might have other rights from the December 1, a lot of airlines have said they won’t carry anyone who’s not vaccinated. A lot of businesses have said ‘we won’t welcome anyone that’s unvaccinated.'”

“Let me be very clear: Life for the unvaccinated will be very difficult indefinitely,” Berejiklian told 7News Australia, adding that “9 of 10 adults” in NSW have already taken the jab.

This comes just two days after Australian public health chief Dr. Kerry Chant declared that life would NEVER “go back to normal” after COVID regardless of vaccination status.

“I want to stress: we will not be ever having to go back to pre-COVID levels,” Chant said. “We’ll always have to be mindful that COVID exists, we’re going to have to engage with booster shots, we’re going to have to engage in advice from time to time when we see outbreaks. We’re going to have to respond. So, it’s not going to go back to normal. We can’t deny that we’re going to have to live with COVID.”

“But having those very high vaccination levels will allow us to have more minimal restrictions or more minimal public health measures in place as we navigate the future years with COVID,” she added.

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The Police Commissioner of New South Wales has refused to enforce the state’s vaccine passport mandate, revealing that officers will not be checking people’s vaccination status in restaurants, clubs or bars. 

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