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California County Orders Residents to Wear Masks Inside Homes

by Adan Salazar
November 23rd 2021, 1:36 pm
Ordinance requires residents of Santa Cruz County to 'wear a face covering when indoors regardless of vaccination status.'
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As Thanksgiving approaches, a California county is ordering residents to wear masks everywhere indoors, including private residences.

The ordinance, which went into effect late Sunday night, requires residents of Santa Cruz County to “wear a face covering when indoors regardless of vaccination status.”

“Unfortunately, a potential winter surge appears to be a significant threat to the health and safety of our community,” claims Santa Cruz County’s health officer Dr. Gail Newel.

The health order makes special note of its proximity to the Thanksgiving holiday, when homes will be filled with families coming together to celebrate festivities.

“As we look forward to spending time with those we love during the holidays, it is important to protect vulnerable friends and family members by wearing a mask indoors. Everyone who has not been vaccinated should get their first dose as soon as possible, and anyone who was vaccinated more than six months ago should seek out a booster.”

The order notes there’s no specific end date to the mandate and it will remain in effect until local health authorities say otherwise.

Santa Cruz’s new order comes as Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.) also warned Monday the state could see a “winter surge” of Covid illnesses.

“Ask the governor of Michigan (or) Colorado how they are doing…States are struggling because people are taking down their guard or claiming ‘mission accomplished.’ … I don’t want to see that happen here in California,” Newsom said Monday.

Of course, many may ignore the governor’s advice after he was caught flouting his own mask rules when he dined at the luxury French Laundry restaurant last year, despite imposing a statewide mask mandate.

The over-the-top mandate also follows an op-ed from the New York Times over the weekend in which so-called “experts” ridiculously recommended that kids “eat quickly” and replace masks when not eating.

Read Santa Cruz County’s mandate in full:

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Newsom Demands You Keep Your Mask On While Eating

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