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‘Cognify’ is the Future Mind Control Machine for Dissidents

Sean Miller | Infowars
July 5th 2024, 8:38 am
Those convicted of not submitting to the latest ideology may one day have their brains molested by a mind control machine.
Shockingly, albeit not surprisingly, one of the offenses listed that Cognify could be used against is ‘hate crime’ and ‘discrimination’, or rather, anything that is seen as untoward to non-white non-heterosexual individuals.
Image Credit:
youtube screenshot

A dystopian ‘prison of the future’ concept has recently been modeled by Hashem Al-Ghaili. Called Cognify, it consists of machines that dole out punishment via implantation of memories into the brains of those convicted of crimes.

“Welcome to Cognify, a facility designed to treat criminals like patients,” the video said.

“Instead of spending years in an actual prison cell, prisoners could finish their sentence here in just a few minutes,” the video said. “Cognify could someday create and implant artificial memories directly into the prisoner’s brain. These complex, vivid and lifelike memories are created in realtime using AI-generated content.”

Cognify would ‘seamlessly incorporate’ the artificial AI-generated memories into the existing neural networks of the brain, therefor making them indistinguishable from naturally gained memories, preventing cognitive dissonance (the Cognified individual resisting the fake memories).

The process works by first conducting a brain scan on the prisoner in order to create a map of their neural pathways.

“This brain map helps guid the Cognify device to target specific brain regions responsible for memory, reasoning and logical thinking,” the video said. “Once the target brain regions are identified, Cognify is then placed around the head of the prisoner, the intensity and the type of artificial memories is then adjusted depending on the crime.”

The mind control will then commence.

“Inside the criminal’s mind, time would pass differently, slower than in real life, making them experience year’s worth of artificial memories in just a few minutes,” the video said.

The narrator went on to discuss how these memories will trigger sorrow and remorse, having the convicted individual see their alleged crime from the perspective of the victim and designed to trigger trauma.

Shockingly, albeit not surprisingly, one of the offenses listed that Cognify could be used against is ‘hate crime’ and ‘discrimination’, or rather, anything that is seen as untoward to non-white non-heterosexual individuals.

It seems as though commenters on YouTube aren’t sold on the exotic technology, as the vast majority of comments are negative.

Notably, Orwellian neurological prisons are not the only thing Ghaili has produced video models of. The content creator also released a similar piece modeling the Orwellian womb of the future, ‘EctoLife’ in 2022.

Capable of growing 30,000 babies a year, EctoLife features womb-pods reminiscent of The Matrix.

Interestingly, EctoLife is billed as an environmentally friendly option for people who cannot conceive a child on their own due to diseases such as cancer. Notably the Covid vaccinations have been shown to cause cancer and reproductive destruction.

Perhaps disgustingly, EctoLife will use enzymes to turn the waste products of the babies back into the ‘nutrients’ it feeds them, all in the name of ‘environmentalism’.

Not surprisingly, EctoLife would offer an ‘elite’ package where one may genetically modify their baby, designing every physical characteristic of the humanoid.

The narrator also said EctoLife may be used to combat population decline. There was absolutely no mention on if abortion will be an option with EctoLife or if the humanoids created via EctoLife would have souls or be able to enter Heaven.

The narrator does however state that ‘parents’ don’t have to worry about power outages since the pods will be electrified by solar and wind power, something that was said unironically with no mention of cloudy, wind-free days.

EctoLife would even offer their humanoid creation devices for use in the home, ‘without a need to visit our factory’.

The YouTube commenters weren’t any more kind to EctoLife than they were to Cognify.

A question one may come away with after viewing this new way of life is how many humanoids born via EctoLife will be Cognified sometime in their future.

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