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Covid Vaccinations are GMOs — Australian Lawsuit

Sean Miller | Infowars
May 9th 2024, 9:51 am
"We are going directly against Pfizer and Moderna for their failure to obtain those GMO licenses," the plaintiff said.
Turns out the Covid shot is not only a lethal injection, but a gene therapy GMO injection as well, legal case alleges.
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During an interview with Dr. John Campbell on Tuesday, former Australian barrister Julian Gillespie presented the legal case that he’s filed against Pfizer for their Covid vaccination, failing to abide by the genetically modified organism (GMO) regulations of Australia after Gillespie laid out why the shot is indeed a GMO.

“In most jurisdictions globally, they actually fall under the legal definition for being properly described as genetically modified organisms,” Gillespie said in the interview.

Gillespie, which is the plaintiff in the case, laid out his course of action.

“We are going directly against Pfizer and Moderna for their failure to obtain those GMO licenses,” he said.

He also called the GMO technology of the Covid shots as the best kept secret by government, and that this is particularly true with the modified messenger RNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna).

The regulations legislating GMO certification and licensing, which Gillespie is making the case were broken in Australia, are also in effect in the United Kingdom, United States and European Union, he said.

“All those countries have legislation which deem these produces to be GMOs, but they didn’t go through the proper regulatory processes,” he said.

He made the case that under the definition of the Gene Therapy Act of Australia, the Covid shots fulfill the definitions of GMOs.

While AstraZeneca did go through the risk assessment process of attaining the GMO license, Pfizer and Moderna didn’t.

The definition of what constitutes a GMO under Australian law is any biological entity that’s capable of transferring genetic material, according to Gillespie, and that the modified messenger RNA encapsulated in the lipid nanoparticles in the Covid vaccinations fit that definition.

He explained how the lipid nanoparticle protects the modified messenger RNA in order to deliver it into the cell, which is then incorporated into the patient’s DNA.

Gillespie said that the gene therapy technology which was being trialed by Moderna prior to 2020 resulted in a high death rate amongst those who received the experimental technology, and that the Covid version of this exotic injection is no different.

“We had more injuries and deaths from these Covid drugs in 2021 than in the preceding fifty years of all traditional vaccines in Australia,” he said. “That’s incredible.”

The Covid vaccinations utilize more than just GMO technology however, as self-replicating nanobots have been discovered in them as well.

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