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Global Elite EXEMPT From New York’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate For U.N. General Assembly
September 19th 2021, 1:15 pm
Only the peasant class must submit to the COVID tyranny while the elite are free to flout their own rules.
Image Credit:
Tetra Images/Getty Images
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World leaders will ignore New York’s COVID-19 vaccine requirement when they gather at the United Nations General Assembly this week.

Presidents, ministers, diplomats and their staff members have been informed by organizers they won’t have to show coronavirus vaccination passports or other proof of injection upon arrival at the U.N. headquarters in Manhattan.

Instead, attendees will be free to enter without any health checks whatsoever, and only an honor system will be put in place.

“I would like to advise delegations that the honour system related to vaccination status…remains in place for the 76th session, including for high-level week,” said President of the General Assembly Abullah Hashid in a letter to all 193 members countries’ representatives.

The New York City government initially required the UN General Assembly to show proof of vaccination for attendees, but backtracked after receiving criticism from Russia, who called it “a clearly discriminatory measure.”

“We strongly object that only people with a proof of vaccination should be admitted to the GA hall,” Russia’s ambassador Vassily Nebenzia wrote to U.N. officials, adding it was a “clear violation of the UN Charter.”

Still think this is about health?

New York City has imposed some of the strictest COVID measures in the country, including mandatory vaccine passports for the general population.

Businesses are now threatened with steep fines if they don’t check for vaccine status of all staff and customers 12 and older.

It’s only typical for the elite to flout the rules they imposed for everybody else, evidenced time and time again by Democrats and world leaders alike.

Read the UN letter:

The Biden Administration is in a mad dash to appease their United Nations masters replacement migration invasion of the United States. 

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