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‘Insulate Britain’ Climate Change Protesters Block Roads, Stop Actual Insulation Engineer From Getting to Work

by Paul Joseph Watson
September 13th 2021, 10:03 am
Great work, idiots.
Image Credit:
Mark Kerrison via Getty Images
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Climate change activists from a group called ‘Insulate Britain’ blocked roads surrounding London’s orbital motorway, and in the process stopped an actual insulation engineer from getting to work.

Yes, really.

Video clips show the group blocking roads near the busy M25 motorway, preventing angry commuters from getting to work on time and prompting physical clashes.

The group is trying to get the government to commit to stricter insulation regulations, although in the process of doing so they actually blocked an insulation engineer from getting to work.

“A mate is stuck in this, the irony is we are Thermal Insulation Engineers (Laggers) who have been insulating Britain for decades but can’t get to work because of Insulate Britain protests,” remarked one Twitter user.

Others asserted that the group’s actions represented the behavior of “fucking retards.”

“I would have thought keeping cars stationary with their engines running would not exactly be good environmental practice,” another person wrote.

Another person highlighted how the group received police protection, while anti-lockdown protesters are routinely beaten and arrested by the same cops.

The protest followed two weeks of disruption by Extinction Rebellion protesters in London, a strange name for the group given that their demands are almost entirely being met by Boris Johnson’s government anyway.

The XR demonstrators appear to be aware that they are “not popular,” but continued to repeat the same divisive stunts over and over again.

Good job they can rely on a steady diet of positive coverage from establishment media outlets like the Financial Times.

Because receiving a glowing review from the literal Davos billionaire paper of record surely means that you’re engaged in a “rebellion” and are not actually a mouthpiece for the establishment itself.



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