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Kanye West: ‘Have I Reached Alex Jones Territory Yet?’

by Jamie White
October 8th 2022, 11:51 am
Megastar rap artist cites the Infowars founder after pointing out how the media ignores inner-city shootings while putting school shootings in the spotlight to advance certain narrative.
Image Credit:
screenshot/Fox News

Rapper Kanye West invoked Infowars founder Alex Jones during his interview with Tucker Carlson while discussing corporate media narrative coordination following mass shootings.

During his wide-ranging interview Friday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” West claimed he felt like he was in “The Truman Show” in reaction to the media’s coordinated coverage of the Uvalde School shooting last May.

“I felt like the people at The Gap knew [about the shooting] before it even happened, it was so in sync the information,” West told Carlson.

“It was so in-synced, the information. And then I heard about it on the radio, driving. And I was like, ‘Am I in The Truman Show right now?’”

“I’m not saying they did, but it felt so in-sync, this idea of this media rush over the 78 specific outlets that influence,” West added.

Carlson pressed, “So there’s a coordinated message, that’s what you’re saying?”

“Of course,” West replied.

The “Life of Pablo” performer went on to compare how the media covers mass shootings to advance specific narratives while ignoring the far more routine shootings in Chicago, prompting himself to ask if that line of thinking has put him in “Alex Jones territory.”

“Meanwhile, there’s the same amount of kids getting killed in Chicago every week, but there’s no coordinated message about that,” West noted. “Have I reached Alex Jones territory yet?”

“No, I think you are telling the truth. And that’s okay if you do,” Carlson said.

Cue the liberal outrage.

West is correct; the media began quickly disseminating calls for gun control just hours after the Uvalde shooting took place.

Meanwhile, five people were killed and 30 others wounded – including children – in shootings across Chicago just last weekend, which received little to no national media coverage.

West made liberal heads explode earlier this week after showing up at his Yeezy Paris Fashion show with conservative talk show host Candace Owens wearing matching “White Lives Matter” shirts.

“The answer to why I wrote ‘White Lives Matter’ on a shirt is because they do. It’s the obvious thing,” West told Carlson.

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