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Maricopa County Refuses To Comply With Lawful Subpoenas After AZ Audit Finds Major Ballot Discrepancies

by Jamie White
July 18th 2021, 12:11 pm
"The Cyber Ninjas have everything qualified auditors would need to check the results of the election," county insists.
Republicans now calling on state attorney general to open criminal investigation to look into tampered ballots.
Image Credit:
Vepar5/Getty Images
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The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors responded to the bombshell results of the Arizona forensic audit with petulant tweets rather than refuting the findings with evidence.

The results of the audit shared in a hearing Thursday found 74,243 mail-in ballots without clear record of delivery, 168,000 ballots were incorrectly printed, 11,000 voters were added to the voter rolls AFTER the election, and much more.

But Maricopa County officials took to Twitter on Friday to defend their refusal to turn over data they had already promised they would deliver to the Senate under subpoena.

“The Cyber Ninjas have everything qualified auditors would need to check the results of the election. Now we hear they may be asking for more. This can only be due to 2 reasons: They don’t know what they’re doing, or they’re going beyond their scope of work,” the county tweeted.

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann (R) responded to the Maricopa officials, lambasting them for arguing via Twitter rather than working with the Senate to finish the audit.

“Wondering why Maricopa County prefers to tweet jabs instead of just sitting down and talking with the auditors If we work together we can finish this audit and let the voters know their ballots will be safe for future elections,” Fann tweeted.

Likewise, State Senator Kelly Townsend (R) reminded the Maricopa officials that the Senate’s subpoena power pertaining to the forensic audit was approved by a federal judge in February, compelling them to provide passwords, routers, and envelopes with signatures, which they have still not done.

Townsend also called for Attorney General Mark Brnovich to open a criminal investigation into the ballot discrepancies on Thursday after Maricopa County Chairman Jack Sellers put out a statement refusing to work with the Senate audit, claiming they’ve given “everything qualified auditors would need.”

“Upon seeing this, it is very clear they have no intention in cooperating with the Senate,” Townsend wrote. “Therefore, I am asking @GeneralBrnovich to open an investigation immediately to look at the adjudicated ballots and missing serial numbers, among many other things.”

What is Maricopa County hiding? Hopefully the AZ attorney general will find some answers.

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Julian Conradson, a reporter for the Gateway Pundit, joins Alex Jones live via Skype to report on the voter fraud findings of Arizona’s statewide election audit.

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