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No Apologies As Biden Admin Murders Families

Jon Bowne
September 11th 2021, 6:05 pm
Puppet president kills an entire innocent family the military claimed was an ISIS target.
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This is what your government told you. This is what the media said.
And this is what really happened.

Immediately following the reportedly ISIS-affiliated suicide bomber attack, a US drone strike the military called ‘righteous’ mistakenly targeted an aid worker and killed 10 Afghan civilians, including 7 kids.

According to the New York Times, the father, Zemari Ahmadi, who had returned with water for his family after shuttling friends and family to work, was targeted by a hellfire missile.

The Biden Administration only added to the death count and misery of thousands of innocent people annihilated by erroneous drone attacks carried out by the Obama and Biden Administrations, magnifying the ongoing debacle that continues in Afghanistan.

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