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Trump Lambasts ‘Crooked Joe’, Wars, Inflation, Green Agenda, Trannies & Illegal Aliens at Pennsylvania Rally

Sean Miller | Infowars
April 15th 2024, 10:49 am
Donald Trump spoke about the many failures of Democrats during the speech, coining the term 'Crooked Joe Biden', but offered a brighter future under his leadership.
Image Credit:
Sean Miller / Infowars

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump delivered an hour-long speech in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania Saturday night to a massive crowd of 42,000 where he discussed the dire straights America has found itself in under the current administration and what he would do to make America great again.

“They want to silence me because I will never let them silence you and in the end they’re not after me, they’re after you, and I just happen to be standing in their way and I always will be in their way,” Trump said.

The 45th President showed the Pennsylvania crowed a chart on a large screen depicting the massive increase in illegal aliens entering the U.S. under Joe Biden, labeling it as a ‘rocket ship of illegal immigrants’ saying many of the people coming don’t even know the names of the countries they come from.

“They’re sending prisoners, murderers, drug dealers, mental patients and terrorists, the worst anywhere in the world,” Trump said. “People are coming from the Congo…where do you live in the Congo, we live in prison, oh that’s right they released them from prison…but they’re coming in from Africa.”

The former president also discussed the transgender takeover of women’s sports, covering the story of a world class female swimmer who was about to break a record until she faced a man in competition.

“…but then she looked to her very right…and there was this giant human being, a man that about three weeks before was a man, but now he’s a woman,” Trump said.

The Republican candidate said he will have the wars that started under Biden ended immediately under his presidency to avoid nuclear war.

“I will have the horrible war between Russia and Ukraine totally settled, I will settle it, and I’m the only one who can say this because these other people have no clue, I will prevent World War Three,” Trump said.

Trump began his speech by wishing prayers and blessings to Israel, chronicling the failures of President Joe Biden, which he referred to as weak on foreign policy, immigration, energy, and geopolitics.

“To think about what we have to go through and the things we put up with, with at the border, with the no energy independence, with all electric cars, would everybody like to buy an electric car for the rest of your life,” Trump asks the crowed, which erupted with an resounding ‘no’.

The former president discussed how he will bring back what has been taken away under the Biden presidency.

“We will return the world to peace-through-strength and it will happen very quickly, we will revive American strength abroad and we will restore American strength at home, we were respected 4 years ago all over the world, today we are considered a joke,” he said. “It’s not going to be for long, believe me.”

Trump said that if he’s elected America will quickly restore its economy to the greatest in the world, while also citing inflation under Biden and the constantly changing story coming from the Democrat president.

“First of all Crooked Joe claimed inflation was transitory, remember that, then he said it was temporary, then he said it won’t happen, it really won’t happen, and then he said well it’s much higher than expected, and then the supply chains closed, and then the energy went through the roof,” Trump said.

He went on to say that all of America knows the real blame for the bad economy lies with one man, Joe Biden. Trump also went over price increases on energy and fuel under Biden, promising to end the inflation and put a stop to The Green New Deal which he labeled as The Green New Scam, a hoax.

“On day one I will terminate Crooked Joe’s insane electric vehicle mandate, gone, day one, that’s going to happen on day one,” Trump said.

The 45th president pivoted into how U.S. liberties are being curtailed, mentioning how the Second Amendment is being eviscerated under Biden and promising it won’t be under him.

“We’re the ones who are fighting to save our democracy and Crooked Joe Biden is the demented tyrant, he’s the demented tyrant who’s trying to destroy our democracy,” Trump said, later going on to talk about how Biden can’t speak, walk and almost fell out of a helicopter.

He also discussed the upcoming trial against him which he labeled a ‘Biden trial’.

“Fully gagged before a highly conflicted and corrupt judge that suffers from TDS, does anyone know what TDS is? Correct, Trump Derangement Syndrome,” he said to the raucous crowd.

“But like all true communist show trials, this is what you call a communist show trial, and we’re going communist, don’t kid yourself,” the former president said, which elicited the chant ‘we love Trump’.

The Republican presidential hopeful discussed the stolen 2020 election and warned of election theft in 2024, saying that we need a landslide victory that’s too big to rig.

“Now they cheat like hell and when you see them cheating you get out there and start screaming, start screaming,” Trump said. “The racial left Democrats rigged the presidential election in 2020 and we’re not going to allow them to rig the presidential election of 2024.”

The presidential candidate finished up by calling the 2024 election ‘the final battle’.

“We’re ready to be a failed nation, we’re a failed nation right now,” Trump said.

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