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UK Nightclub Owners Say They’re Prepared to Break the Law to Defy Lockdown Restrictions

by Paul Joseph Watson
June 10th 2021, 7:21 am
Theatre entrepreneur Andrew Lloyd-Webber says he's willing to be arrested.
Image Credit:
Anthony Devlin via Getty Images
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UK nightclub owners say they are willing to risk being arrested by opening up in violation of the law if restrictions are not lifted by the government on June 21st.

People in England and Wales were supposedly set to celebrate “freedom day” later this month when all mask mandates and social distancing measures end as the final stage of the government’s “road map” out of lockdown is reached.

However, advisers are once again pressuring Prime Minister Boris Johnson to keep them in place for weeks or months longer due to the new Indian coronavirus variant, despite authorities asserting that the vaccine protects against the worst of it.

With the industry on its knees thanks to nightclubs having been closed for 15 months, owners are now suggesting they could resort to breaking the law in order to welcome customers once again.

Michael Kill, chief executive of the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA), said the sector was close to “breaking point” and that the extended lockdown had created “panic and anxiety” for businesses.

“He said the industry was now considering “every avenue” for challenging a delay, including a legal battle, while some venues were considering protests or opening their doors regardless,” reports City AM.

Kill’s comments follow similar sentiments expressed by theatre entrepreneur Andrew Lloyd-Webber, who has vowed to open at full capacity later this month regardless of what the law says.

“If a legal challenge goes ahead, it will not be the first time businesses have taken the government to court over lockdown policy,” reports the news outlet.

As we previously highlighted, the same scientists still advising Johnson to keep lockdown measures in place admitted using “totalitarian” fear tactics, “mind control” and weaponizing behavioral psychology to terrify the public into total compliance during the first lockdown.



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