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University Students Cannot Leave Dorm Rooms Except for ‘Authorized Reasons’

by Jordan Esrig | Campus Reform
January 13th 2022, 10:26 am
Vanderbilt issues draconian campus lockdown orders
Image Credit:
John Greim/LightRocket via Getty Images
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On Dec. 30, Vanderbilt University Associate Provost and Dean of Students G.L. Black sent an email outlining new restrictions for students returning to campus. 

Until Jan. 24, students cannot leave their dorm rooms unless it is for an authorized reason. Students may: “Leave their residences to attend in-person classes; Pick up to-go food or supplies; Seek medical attention; Perform essential work or research for the university; and Engage in outdoor activities that do not involve close contact, such as walking, hiking or running.”

Students that violate these restrictions will be “referr[ed] to the Office of Student Accountability, Community Standards and Academic Integrity” and “swift action” will be “taken for any verified incidents of noncompliance,” the communication explains. 

The message explained that “[s]tudents must not participate in gatherings of any size or engage in in-person social interactions with anyone other than their roommates/housemates.” Additionally, “[s]tudent organization and other sponsored travel will not be permitted in January, and all planned trips during the month will be canceled.”

These restrictions are part of Vanderbilt’s “Commodores Care” set of regulations. As part of the Commodores Care, the university gym, library, and dining hall will be closed for in-person use until at least Jan. 24. 

Additionally, the Tennessean reports that students are not permitted to attend home sports games before that date. Members of the public who are vaccinated or possess a negative COVID test may attend the sporting events. 

“It’s obviously disappointing to not have them in the stands but I think it’s definitely the right thing to do to stay safe and healthy and get out of this rush of COVID that we have right now,” Vanderbilt women’s basketball coach Shea Ralph told the Tennessean. 

Residence halls will open for the semester on Jan. 15, according to the Dec. 30 email. 

The university has not responded to Campus Reform’s request for comment.

It’s official: America is now in a civil war.

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