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Video: Joe Rogan Applauds Tucker Carlson For Having Conversations With Leftists… And It Makes Leftists Angry

by Steve Watson
October 14th 2021, 6:00 am
And now, praising Joe Rogan is fascist because Joe Rogan praised Tucker Carlson, who is totally a Nazi
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Joe Rogan continued to annoy people who don’t like debate, questions or nuanced conversation Wednesday by praising Tucker Carlson for engaging in all of the above.

During a conversation with guest Alex Berenson, who has also angered leftists by merely asking questions about vaccines, the topic turned to Carlson.

When Berenson compared Rogan and Carlson, the former joked that he may not like where the conversation was heading.

“We’ll also talk to anybody,” Rogan clarified, adding “Tucker has a lot of left-wing people on and he doesn’t disparage them or criticize them or mock them.”

He continued “I think his discussions that he has on his show are some of the most nuanced in that he is willing to have conversations with anybody.”

“He’ll talk about all kinds of things, and I think that’s very important in this time that you have people like him,” Rogan added.

Cue a collective meltdown of disturbed leftists to prove Rogan’s exact point once again:

This proves… something apparently:

Yep, it definitely proves… something or other:

And now, praising Joe Rogan is fascist because Joe Rogan praised Tucker Carlson, who is totally a Nazi:


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