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Videos: Trump Supporters Demand Access At Arizona Counting Station

by Steve Watson
November 5th 2020, 3:46 am
Media paints them up as a violent 'extremist' mob
Image Credit:
Courtney Pedroza/Getty Images
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A large group of President Trump’s supporters have gathered to protest outside the Maricopa County Elections Department office, where some 600,000 votes are still to be counted, with the media painting them up as a violent mob.

PHOENIX, AZ – NOVEMBER 04: President Donald Trump supporters gather to protest the election results at the Maricopa County Elections Department office on November 4, 2020 in Phoenix, Arizona. The rally was organized after yesterday’s vote narrowly turned for Democrats in the presidential and senate races. (Photo by Courtney Pedroza/Getty Images)

Spurred by Fox News (of all outlets) declaring that Arizona has fallen to Joe Biden, protesters numbering in the hundreds demanded access to observe the vote count, chanting “Fox News sucks!” and “Shame on Fox!”

Some Biden supporters also showed up:

The state is basically a toss up at this point with around 14,000 votes separating the two candidates.

Some are confident there is a clear path for Trump to take the state, however:

The Arizona GOP has called for Fox News to retract it’s declaration that Biden has won there:

Other protests are scheduled to take place at counting stations in Atlanta, Georgia; Phoenix, Arizona; Detroit, Michigan; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

Owen and Tyler Nixon break down the moves President Trump and his team will have to make to fight the democrat election theft.

In Detroit, where supporters have also already gathered, the leftist media is telling the same story:

There have been multiple reports of counting stations claiming they were closing, and then carrying on counting ballots in secret:

Irregularities are being reported in several states:

The same people who for four years claimed that the 2016 election had been interfered with are now claiming that such a notion is preposterous:

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