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“We Are Watching The Mass Murder Of Millions,” Warns Dr. Malone In Exclusive Interview

Kristi Leigh TV | Banned.Video
January 12th 2022, 2:06 pm
Doctor warns of potential the whistleblower could be a disinformation agent used to "discredit" Project Veritas
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Independent reporter Kristi Leigh gets Dr. Robert Malone’s reaction to the Project Veritas bombshell from DARPA.

Watch the full interview below:

Alex Jones responded to the Project Veritas revelations live on air during Tuesday’s epic transmission.

Dr. Fauci avoided answering a question about the Project Veritas report Tuesday when Senator Roger Marshall (R-KS) requested Fauci release all documents related to NIH/EcoHealth Alliance funding of the Wuhan lab.

In a nervous response, Dr. Fauci engaged in a “strawman” argument, saying the documents shown in the Project Veritas video are from a DARPA grant that the NIH and NIAID had nothing to do with.

While this is true, the argument being made by Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe is that DARPA thought the gain-of-function to be too dangerous to fund while the NIH and NIAID under Fauci went ahead with funding the known risky research.

(Watch Fauci’s hands vigorously shake while responding to the question.)

Dr. Malone joined the Steve Bannon War Room Tuesday along with Naomi Wolf to further discuss the Project Veritas video.

During the broadcast, Dr. Malone claimed the implications of the unveiled documents are “bigger than the Pentagon Papers.”

See the groundbreaking Project Veritas video below:

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