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WATCH: NYC Man Confronts Illegal Aliens Squatting In Cargo Trailer

by Dan Lyman
January 13th 2024, 12:56 pm
Family of illegals take up residence in privately-owned trailer on Brooklyn street
Squatters reportedly left nearby 'migrant hotel' after being told they couldn't operate hot plates in their room
Image Credit:
Screenshot | TikTok | @dannysautorepairs

A family of illegal aliens recently took up residence in a privately-owned cargo trailer in New York City, according to reports.

In videos uploaded to social media, a man claimed that illegals were living in a trailer owned by his uncle for weeks.

The trailer was reportedly parked on Sheffield Avenue in Brooklyn at the time the video was shot. 

Children can be seen standing in the open doorway of the trailer as the person filming approaches and confronts them. 

“No matter how many times we call child protective services or NYPD, they don’t show up,” the man narrating the videos says. “We can’t physically go into that trailer with children in there. We cannot physically lock the trailer because children are in there. And we definitely can’t drive away with the trailer because children are in there, as you can see.”

The man points out that the squatters even chained motorized scooters to the bumper of the trailer.

He explains how he visited a nearby ‘migrant hotel’ to better understand the conditions in which illegal aliens are living and why they might choose to live in the trailer instead.

The man was told that the illegals brought “4 to 5 hot plates” into their hotel room to cook food which they were selling at construction sites and that the appliances were tripping the circuit breakers at the hotel and causing blackouts.

When city inspectors confiscated the hot plates, the illegals left the hotel in outrage and began squatting in the trailer, the man says.

The man’s uncle repeatedly contacted city authorities but was told nothing could be done to remove the family.

When the New York Post investigated the matter, a local worker said the squatters had been running a generator inside the trailer.

The trailer was reportedly moved this week but it is unclear what circumstances precipitated the relocation or what became of the family.

InfoWars has been documenting mounting chaos in New York City caused by the arrival of more than 160,000 illegal migrants since early 2022.

General Michael Flynn joins Alex Jones to give his expert analysis on the Pentagon’s fumbling leadership.

Dan Lyman on X | Gab


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