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Watch The Moment Mother Tells Son He Doesn’t Have To Wear Mask To School Anymore

by Jamie White
October 11th 2021, 12:26 pm
Coalition of parents had just won lawsuit against Arkansas school district over its mask mandate.
Image Credit:
screenshot/Elizabeth Bennett
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Bittersweet video of a student learning from his mom that he won’t need to wear a mask to school anymore went viral on social media.

The footage shows Arkansas mother Elizabeth Bennett breaking the great news to her son, telling him that he won’t have to wear a mask to school anymore after winning a lawsuit in court over mask mandates.

His heartbreaking reaction tells you everything you need to know about mask mandates.

Bennett was part of a group called Bentonville Parents for Choice, who won a lawsuit against the Bentonville School District last Wednesday after Benton County Circuit Judge Xollie Duncan placed a temporary restraining order on the school’s mask mandate.

“Lynn Sitton and I prayed before the ruling that God would be present in that room. And He was. We will need His help more than ever, because today’s ruling poked the bear. No more masks for Bentonville Public schools!” Bennett told Conduit News.

“Judge Duncan addressed each point brought up in the hearing last week and found that BPS has zero legal authority to mandate masks. She said it was an infringement on constitutional rights,” she added.

Greg Payne, an attorney for one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, praised the judge’s decision for recognizing the constitutional rights of the parents.

“I’m excited for the families,” Payne said. “It’s a redemption for them. The court recognizes that they have a fundamental liberty interest in the case.”

“Parents can still put masks on their children, but the ones that don’t want to are not required to mask their children,” he said.

Read the lawsuit:

BPS Lawsuit by Jamie White

A creepy video shows a teacher making a class of toddlers, all of whom are wearing face coverings, sing a re-purposed nursery rhyme praising the efficacy of masks.

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