Watch as British political activist Tommy Robinson looks down onto a massive crowd of supporters gathered outside a London courthouse, where he is currently undergoing a re-trial after being “unfairly” jailed for reporting on a Muslim rape gang.

“I’m so grateful to every single person who traveled here today, it’s unbelievable,” Robinson said, adding that he’d like to meet and take pictures with every supporter who made it out.

In the video below, Robinson talks with Rebel Media’s Ezra Levant about the amazing turnout, saying people came from as far as Canada, Australia and even Hong Kong.

In the following clip, Gavin McInnes joins the pro-Robinson crowd to give his take on the state of free speech in the UK and more:

Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer interviewed Robinson Wednesday to get his last words before the Thursday court appearance.

Tommy Robinson’s Last Interview Before Prison

Gavin McInnes: Tommy Robinson Is On Another Level, Facing Certain Death

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