Often times, California politicians sidestep the issue of illegal immigration for fear of angering that state’s significant minority population.

Not so Donald Trump who took on that very issue in a very public way and with the help of some families dealing with the loss of loved ones to criminals who entered the United States illegally.

The moment took place during yet another packed house Trump rally, this time in  Costa Mesa, California. Several members of the anti-illegal immigration group, the Remembrance Project were called onto the stage by Mr. Trump to help him emphasize his oft-repeated message regarding the importance of further securing America’s borders.

Jamiel Shaw, who has become an acquaintance of Mr. Trump over the last year and whose son was murdered by an illegal immigrant. spoke with both passion and dignity about the change he sees coming in the form of a Trump presidency and then proceeds to tell the horrific final moments of his child.

This is a parent taking tragedy and turning it into action:

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