Ahead of a Friday court hearing on PragerU’s lawsuit against Google, the conservative non-profit will be airing videos banned by YouTube in front of the company’s Silicon Valley headquarters using a truck equipped with massive LED screens.

According to PragerU.com, “The California state lawsuit asserts that Google continues to ‘unlawfully restrict and restrain speech and expression.’ YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, has restricted over 200 PragerU videos, more than 10% of PragerU’s video library, labeling them as ‘dangerous’ or ‘derogatory.'”

Speaking with PJ Media, PragerU Chief Marketing Officer Craig Strazzeri said, “We rented a box truck with LED video screens on the side and we’re going to be playing all the PragerU videos that YouTube has restricted.”

“It’s obvious that our videos are educational and appropriate for young people,” Strazzeri continued. “All young people should be watching our videos. We do hope that lots of people will be given the chance to see our videos,” as the truck drives through Silicon Valley.

Following Friday’s hearing, lead PragerU Attorney Peter Obstler and Craig Strazzeri will hold a press conference outside the courthouse to update the public on the case.

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