Seriously.  There’s not a doubt in my mind that Donald Trump’s factualpolling statistics are blowing Hillary Clinton out of the water.  Compounding the problem for Team Clinton is the abject lack of enthusiasm for her.

If you want another way to spot it, notice every single overreaching, over-the-top, gas lighting effort being exhausted by the media and political action groups in a desperate attempt to tamp down Trump’s supportive numbers.  If Clinton was really winning by these margins the media sells, there would not be half of this effort.

We’ve been showing you the ideology, the actual people, behind the polls for well over a year.

In addition, we’ve shared with you for over a year what the gender specific kitchen sink would look like this month.  Surprise fail.

The exact same reporters who manufactured the previous “sexism article fail” (bathing suit incident), are the reporters now manufacturing a 30-year-old groping/touching incident.


What we are seeing in the ridiculously transparent media reports trying to weave a tenuous narrative together that has been sporadically planned between the Clinton machine and the Clinton media for months.  Accusations from people talking about 30-years-ago spun together with discredited reporters attempting claims today.

It really is not worth chasing each of these ridiculous claims down the rabbit hole.  The coordinated timing, in conjunction with the specific media sources pushing the accusations speak entirely for itself.

Sharyl Attkisson has a good take/perspective via her twitter account:

And The “Bathtub Principle” reference:

The discussion therein, as referenced, leads direct to this:

The bottom line – Ignore the noise and remember:

…the real battle, is the battle for your mind !

By the way, people who know what's coming are taking advantage of our healthy & delicious storable food!

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