A pregnant American teenage citizen has been shot by Mexican police near the U.S.-Mexico border. Her injuries are not expected to be life threatening to her or the four-month old fetus.

The incident, as reported by ABC News, took place around midnight in Reynosa, in the border state of Tamaulipas. The couple were attempting to get to Pharr, Texas, across a bridge.

The shots occurred after the truck carrying the 14-year old girl, driven by a young man, failed to stop when asked. When the driver took off, Mexican police fired shots in the direction of the truck tires, and one bullet apparently caught the teenage girl. The truck stopped, the male driver took off on foot, and the female was left in the passenger’s seat with a gunshot wound in her belly. She was rushed to a nearby hospital.

Again, prosecutors in Tamaulipas have confirmed neither the teenage girl nor her four-month old fetus are in danger. The prosecutor’s office also said it will question the Mexican police involved in the shooting and that the United States Embassy in Mexico is aware of the incident.

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