Melissa Melton
October 17, 2012


What does it take to get your name on the no-fly list in America? Apparently you only need to be classified as a “prepper.”

When 34-year-old U.S. citizen and Mississippi resident Wade Hicks boarded a military flight to visit his wife, a Navy lieutenant stationed in Okinawa, Japan, he did not think it would be a one-way trip. Stopping off in Hawaii to refuel, upon reboarding the plane, Hicks was quickly escorted back off again by armed guards. He was then taken to a secure interrogation room where Hicks was informed he would not be flying anywhere because he turned up on the no-fly list.

Hicks has since been stranded on the island state without a way home.

As seen below in a bombshell double interview on Infowars Nightly News, private investigator and founder of the Northeast Intelligence Network Douglas Hagmann revealed that Hicks not only passed through TSA screening at his original departure point in San Francisco, but he has also passed a criminal background check and an FBI screening for an enhanced concealed carry permit in his home state.

In addition, Hicks holds a TWIC card, or Transportation Worker Identification Credential, granted by none other than the TSA. Hicks has also held classified clearances as a defense contractor for the U.S. military. His passport is valid and has not been revoked.

What was it Hicks did, then, to be added to the U.S. government’s no-fly list maintained by the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Center?

“I asked [Hicks] ‘Could you have been mistaken for a person with the same surname?'” Hagmann said. “The people who were acting on behalf of the TSA and DHS had told him his social security number, his date of birth, his name, and they said, ‘No, there is no mistake, this is you, you’re on this no-fly list.'”

After being asked to get off the plane, “It started out like something fairly routine,” Hicks said in his interview with Infowars. “About 15-20 minutes later, two heavily armed Air Force security forces guys showed up.”

It was then Hicks was told he would not be flying anywhere. There is no indication as to why Hicks was able to first fly from San Francisco to Hawaii without being notified he was supposedly on the list.

Seemingly the only “crime” Hicks has committed that would end in revocation of his ability to fly is his affiliation with the Mississippi Preparedness Project, a prepper organization. Although prepping is not illegal, the FBI has been cracking down on preppers for awhile now, with everything from spying on people who visit prepper websites to straight up stripping preppers of their Second Amendment rights.

Hicks revealed to Infowars that a supposed disabled veteran claiming to be a Navy Seal had joined his prepper group earlier in the year, but Hicks felt the man’s story seemed suspicious. Through a Freedom of Information Act request, Hicks learned the man had never been in the military even though he possessed an authentic military ID. Sometime later while out driving, Hicks saw the man’s car and ended up tailing him to a Mississippi Department of Homeland Security branch office where the man parked his car.

When asked if he thought his affiliation with a prepper group caused him to get detained, Hicks responded, “If it does, that’s a pretty sad situation.”

In the meantime, Hicks has contacted his Senator, and he has received a call back that the Senator’s office is currently working to help him get home.

This is not the first time our out-of-control government has trampled someone’s rights with the no-fly list. Stories of natural born U.S. citizens being barred from flight because their name mysteriously shows up on the list have become all too common.

Earlier this year, a California grad student on the list had to fly from Costa Rica to Mexico and walk across the U.S. border to get home, and a muslim man from Virginia had to get an FBI waiver after being stuck in Cairo for nearly two months before he could return to America. TSA agents even pulled an eighteen-month-old baby off a Jet Blue flight last spring for being considered a suspected terrorist on the no-fly list.

As previously reported by Infowars, the list more than doubled in 2011, and the government still refuses to release the names on the list or even any details as to how or why these people have been chosen. No one is given due process when they are added, completely bypassing the Fifth Amendment for each and every American citizen put on it.

Once you’re on the no-fly list, it is unclear how to get off, either.

These kinds of egregious trespasses on our liberties are becoming an everyday occurence. The federal government is obviously prepping for something, purchasing billions of rounds of ammunition and buying dehydrated food in bulk. Apparently the average U.S. citizen who wants to prep is, instead, supposed to fear government retribution through potentially being stranded hundreds or even thousands of miles away from home every time he or she steps foot on an airplane.

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