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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Today on his radio show, CNN host Glenn Beck expressed his disdain of
the recent Supreme Court ruling granting terror suspects the right to
challenge their detention in civilian courts, exclaiming that if he were
President, he would do away with detaining and prosecuting terrorism suspects
altogether. Instead, a President Beck would “shoot them all in the
head [if] we think that they are against us.”

BECK: We’re going to shoot them all in the head. If we think
that they are against us, we’re going to shoot them and kill them,
period. Because that’s the only thing we’ve got going for
us is we can put them away and get information. If we can’t put
them away and they’re going to use our court system, kill them.

Listen here:

If Beck were President since 9/11, he would have killed many innocent
people. Here are some of those held in Guantanamo who have either been
cleared of charges or were mistakenly detained. For example:

– The “Tipton Three” who were forced into false confessions
and later released.

– Huzaifa Parhat, an ethnic Uighur Chinese national swept up
by the U.S. forces in Afghanistan, who was improperly classified as
an “enemy combatant.” Parhat has been recommended for release
by U.S. officials, while a military tribunal found no evidence that
Parhat was a member of any radical group.

– Over 30 former Guantanamo detainees who have already been released.

Not only would such a policy undoubtedly kill innocents, but as former
Navy general counsel Alberto Mora has said, the belligerent treatment
of terror suspects increases the recruitment of “insurgent fighters
into combat.”

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