Jurriaan Maessen
July 24, 2009

On September 7, 1992, two term President of the European Commission Jacques Delors gave a speech to the Royal Institute of International Affairs titled ‘The European Community and the New World Order’. Invoking the famous New World Order-speech of George Bush senior, Delors took it a step further, speaking of “world government”, “transferring sovereignty” and a “worldwide single market”.

Two term President of the European Commission Jacques Delors.

The speech is especially interesting when we take into account that Delors took part in the Bilderberg meeting just four months earlier, held in Evian-les-Bains, France: the same conference in which Henry Kissinger delivered his famous speech concerning people and their willingness to relinquish their individual rights “for the guarantee of their wellbeing granted to them by their world government.” Also present around this particular Bilderberg campfire was current chairman Etienne Davignon, who back in March of this year bragged to the EU Observer Bilderberg helped create the Euro in the 1990s.

Starting off by saluting the audience which he addressed, Jacques Delors bowed and stated: “I would not presume to offer such an illustrious audience as this the last word on the new world order of which President Bush spoke in September 1990 when the Gulf Crisis was building up.”

“The interdependence of the world’s nations seems somehow inevitable”, the European Commission chairman continued, “though it must evolve in an orderly fashion; the reality is there, but we have not yet grasped it fully enough to devise the principles and rules of the new international game.”

We can almost hear the Royal Institute members think “speak for yourself”, as the push for world government had long since been in the making and was moving steadily along (although not fast enough as far as the Royal Institute was concerned). But obviously Delors was on the same page as they were, as he laboured consistently in the service of the New World Order. One of Delors’ main ‘accomplishments’ was the so-called Delors Report: a document in which he outlined how a European economic and monetary union could be established as quickly and effectively as possible.

Submitted in 1989, the Delors Report envisions three stages along which the road to world government will be reached. It comes as no surprise that the most important factor within this process is the complete and total ‘independence’ of the European central bank. The first stage would be accomplished with the completion of a single European market. The second stage would consist primarily of the merging of the different central banks into one giant European central bank like an octopus, spreading its tentacles across the continent. The third and final stage he proposes would see the establishment of a single European currency. The main thread of the report is: total monetary independence should be transferred from the elected politicians to the unelected network of central banks throughout the European continent, consolidating power with the help of a single currency. Of course, today we know that his report was anything but an idle document written by a transnational daydreamer. It was actually the policy blueprint for the elite, outlined in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War. This was finally confirmed when 1955 Bilderberg documents leaked, which proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the plans to create a common European currency as well as “bring the German people, together with the other peoples of Europe, into a common market” were outlined long before Davignon admitted Bilderberg helped create the Euro or the Delors Report was first published, advocating a single currency and incremental build-up towards a world government. The Delors Report does clearly show that the implementation of the described ‘stages’ was executed with staggering accuracy.

[efoods]As the speech by Jacques Delors progressed, it appears he became increasingly bold in his statements to his audience, allowing himself to be swept away by his own ‘eloquence’: “Today many economists speak of the transition to a new stage- a quantum leap to a worldwide single market. There is plenty of evidence of this; the international credit card in the consumer’s wallet is particularly symbolic.”, Delors notes in his speech for the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Using the excuse of ‘promoting democracy’, he advocates the destruction of national sovereignty of nation states as a remedy: “International apathy about human rights violations will not be able to hide behind pretext of immutable, inviolable national sovereignty much longer.” As it turns out, also in this respect Jacques Delors has proven himself a prophet- as the borders are eroding worldwide while the central banks consolidate power. After he elaborates further on the fact that globalisation is often counteracted by grassroots movements, attempting to preserve national sovereignty, Delors throws up his arms in feigned indignation: “I would add- and I will not go into detail- that economic integration, unless it is backed by a strong political will, will not in itself produce stronger international institutions or help create world government. This is why, although the need for a new world order is self-evident, our era is one of trial and error or, as the harsher critics among us would have it, of impotence, inability to take on world challenges.”

Here again is a cunning example of the favourite straw man erected by the elite, namely the argument that the global institutions are not effective or strong enough, completely bypassing any moral of ethical objections and transforming the entire discussion into a practical problem that needs to be overcome. Once these practicalities are worked out, they usually argue, it’s smooth sailing the rest of the way.

Speaking on the role of the European Commission in the creation of the new world order, Delors mentions the plans of the Anglo-American establishment for a North-American Union: “Our trading partners are gradually being won over to the idea that regional integration has a dynamic impact on all, and the European model is an inspiration for others- witness the recent agreements concluded by the United States, Canada and Mexico.”

Indeed, the merger of the three nations into one North-American community ranked and ranks very high on Bilderberg’s list of objectives.

“I believe”, the European Commissioner stated, “it is not too presumptuous to claim that it (the European Community) still has something revolutionary about it, that it is something of a “laboratory” for the management of interdependence.” However, he complains, “(…) giving birth to institutions to which sovereignty is to be transferred and which are to be given power manage cooperation and settle disputes is a slow and arduous process.” But Delors emphasizes: “The contribution that the Community as such can make to the new world order can, to use an image of the plant world, be considered something of a hybrid, what is produced by crossing a world power with an international organisation.”

In closure, Delors expresses his ultimate belief and that of his fellow conspirators: “The conclusion, Your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, is that the Community’s contribution to a new world order is, like the Community itself, something original: a method which will serve as a reference, a body whose presence will be felt.”





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